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alaskaravenclaw's Journal
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Saturday, July 28th, 2007
8:45 pm
The Quibbler- Deathly Hallows SPOILER quibbles
A few quibbles (page numbers are from the American edition)

p. 271- yes, Harry and his buds are secret keepers of 12 Grimauld Place, but so is Snape, the sleeping snake. Of course, Snape has no desire to share the OotP's 20 with the Death Eaters, but the OotP doesn't know that.

p. 363- either time is moving backward or the night lasted all the next day

p 482-- If Mr. Weasley is the secret-keeper for Aunt Muriel's place, then why is Bill able to casually inform our heroes that that's where the Weasley family is hidden?

p 535- How come Hermione's shield spell is able to go under the enchanted waterfall unharmed?

p. 690-- Perhaps portrait-Dumbledore is just being modest, but George's ear isn't the only reason Snape shouldn't expect a warm greeting from the OotP--

p. 721-- How does Dumbly know what happened after his last chat with Snape?
(Possible answers:
*Snape turned into a portrait and had a chat with Dumbly's portrait
*Snape just saw him passing through, passing through)
Friday, July 27th, 2007
9:59 am
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows SPOILER
5 Years Even Later

Harry stood on Platform 9 3/4, trying not to catch
Ginny's eye. It was strange, he couldn't remember that
he, Harry, had ever really decided to marry her. It
seemed as though at one moment it had been 1999 and he
had been not quite 18 years old, caught up in the
exhiliration and grief of that final victory over
Voldemort, and then an instant later it had been 2018
and he was here at King's Cross, not in the way he'd
expected to be, but stuck somewhere toward the end of
the 20 years of stultifying boredom that had been his 20
marriage to Ginny. It had never been a decision. It
had simply happened, as if Ginny was preordained, had
been written into existence by some all-seeing Author
for the sole purpose of marrying him, Harry.

Harry watched his daughter Lily run to meet Dudley's
daughter, Verna Dursley. Thick as thieves, those two. Verna
was showing Lily her new owl; Lily had had to make do
with one of Neville's toad's grandchildren. Money was tight.
The book contracts had helped, especially once he'd turned down
Auror training-- the MOM offered to waive the NEWTs
he, Harry, had missed, but to be honest Harry wasn't
that fussed about being an Auror any more. It seemed
pretty dull after what he'd been through. The real
blow had been Gringotts confiscating all the gold in
his vault to pay for damages.

"Come to see them off?"

Harry turned to see his old friend Hermione. "Ron's
here," he warned her warningly.

"I know that," she said knowingly. "But they're my
kids too. Besides--"

Harry only half listened to what had become an endless
litany of complaints. He had heard it all before. He
felt like telling Hermione that she had known Ron was
a prat when she married him-- she could hardly have
missed his condescending reference to "letting" her
destroy a Horcrux, could she? But he didn't want to
hurt her feelings.

"Still enslaving house elves?" Hermione asked finally.

"The Wizengamot awarded 12 Grimauld Place to Ginny in
the settlement," he said simply. "Kreacher went with

He, Harry, missed his Kreacher comforts.

Hermione's look was a little too understanding, and he
had no desire to discuss the whole Luna Lovegood
thing. He changed the subject hastily. "Is Ron

"--obsessed with the Elder Wand? Yes," said Hermione
agreeingly. "He keeps saying it's bigger than his,
more powerful, that he could do more with it. And
here's what's got me worried, Harry--"

He guessed her thought. "Now that McGonagall's retired
as Headmistress, you think he's going to--"

"All I know is he keeps calling the Elder Wand 'my

The whistle blew, and just as the long scarlet train
began to move, Ron darted in an open door.

"Looks like there's more work for us to do," said
Hermione simply.
Tuesday, June 27th, 2006
8:56 pm
Half-Blood Prince Body Count
I sat down to try to enumerate the total deaths that occur in Half-Blood Prince-- tricky business.
*Spoiler alert*, obviously, but come on, you've read it by now, haven't you?

From the green beginning to the bitter end, here's who bites the Dust & Mildewe in book 6:

“dozens of muggles” (12x where x=number of dozens of muggles)
Amelia Bones
Emmeline Vance
Florean Fortescue?
(Marvolo, Morfin and Merope Gaunt, Hepzibah Smith- in the past)
Octavius Pepper?
5-year-old brother of the Montgomery sisters
Hannah Abbot’s mother
unnamed Death Eater

Total-- 12x + 2? + 6 + (4 in the past) + 1 giant spider

Or: Muggles-- dozens
Wizards, past and present-- 10-12
Critters-- 1

Alert readers have probably picked this up in the earlier books, but the safest kind of person to be in the Potterverse is a critter. That's as it should be.

btw, check out naill renfro's parody of Goblet of Fire-- it vos very funny

Current Mood: contemplative
Tuesday, January 17th, 2006
6:59 pm
Separated at Birth?
Uh oh... looks like J.K. Rowling has an evil twin... Or, no, not evil until proven guilty, I should say.

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